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3" x 20" Strip Wrap Around Heating Mat & Thermometer for Kombucha Tea Brewing

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Prairie Essentials' multi-purpose heating mat and 5" easy-to-read thermometer kit is your solution for Kombucha tea brewing, fermentation, seedling starting, or any other application you need to add a little warmth.

Our heating mat provides consistent radiant heat for quick propagation of seedlings or to get your beer and/or tea brew to the desired temperature.

Included are simple instructions on the back of the package and printed on the mat.
  • Comes with a 5 inch easy-to-read, self-adhesive liquid crystal thermometer
  • Comes with a rubber band to hold the mat to your brewing container
  • Measures 3 inches by 20 inches. Small footprint so it can sit on a window seal and flexible enough to wrap around brewing containers
  • Water resistant and easy to clean. Includes a 6 foot cord UL listed power cord
  • Can be used for many applications such as beer and tea brewing, kombucha, seedlings, fermentation, plant propagation and much more!