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Relax & Unwind Essential Oil Blend,15ml

Relax & Unwind Essential Oil Blend,15ml

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Relax & Unwind says it all! This essential oil blend promotes peace and tranquility whenever and wherever they are needed most with soothing and relaxing aromatherapy oils. This is a great addition to your meditation, yoga or evening routine.

Compare to Young Living's Peace and Calming. Ingredients include: Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, Lavender-Bulgarian.

Whether they are inhaled, diffused, applied topically, added to bathwater or used in body massage these powerful essential oils can bring life-enhancing qualities to your day.


  • Put 3-4 drops in your favorite diffuser
  • Add 5-8 drops and 1/2 c. of epsom salt to your bathwater
  • Put 1-2 drops on your wrist or behind ear to use as a perfume to help calm before a stressful event